Diesel Delivery Solutions | Top Up Your Generators Before The Elections

With the unpredictability of post-election load shedding, it might be wise to top up your generators before blackouts potentially return in June 2024.

Don’t let the uncertainty of post-election load shedding leave you in the dark! With RCB’s Diesel Delivery Solutions, you can stay ahead of the blackouts and ensure your business and generators keeps running smoothly.

Security Solutions | Fortify Your Facility with RCB

Ensure that your facility is fortified against both internal and external threats, with a surveillance network that monitors everything in and around the property, by partnering with RCB Solutions. Our turnkey Security Solutions can offer you the peace of mind to focus on building your business without having to worry about safety and security.

Standby Power Solutions | Generator Installation & Maintenance

If your business needs Standby Diesel Power Generators that it can rely on, you also need a reliable contractor who can install and look after those generators, and RCB Solutions is here to take care of all of that with its turnkey Standby Power Solutions.

Solar Solutions | Installation & Maintenance

Expert Technicians, Excellent Service and Quality Panels – RCB Solutions offers all of this and more as part of its turnkey Solar Solutions. We assist local property and business owners with full or partial transitions to solar power, to help them realize their energy and sustainability goals.

Data Centre Solutions | Expert Data Centre Builders

Whether you are in the market for an Edge Data Centre, an Enterprise Data Centre, a Managed / Colocation Data Centre, RCB Solutions has all the skills, experience and expertise you need to build your Data Centre of choice to professional standards.

Diesel Delivery Solutions | Professional Generator Refueling

Receive professional diesel deliveries through RCB Solutions’ agile fleet of Diesel Bowsers in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal, or secure a refuelling agreement for continuous piece of mind. RCB’s turnkey Diesel Delivery Solutions can help keep your Standby Generators ready to perform when you need them.

Turnkey Solutions | National Technical Contractor

RCB Solutions offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary range of technical contracting services, which empowers businesses to replace half a dozen different technical contractors, or more, with a single turnkey solution provider.

Power Solutions | Generators Below & Solar Above

Future-proof your property against any electrical situation or development in South Africa with a combination of Solar Power and Standby Generators from industry veteran, RCB Solutions. We’re actively supporting a multitude of businesses, both big and small, across the country, and we’re ready and able to assist you as well.

Data Centre Solutions | Get It Built by the Experts

RCB Solutions are a veteran in the Data Centre construction industry. We’ve worked on a wealth of projects over our rich twenty years of experience, and our technicians, team leaders and project managers have played a key role in the construction of many Data Centres across South Africa.