Battery Solutions | Hassle-Free Backup Power

Once set up correctly, UPS and other battery-related solutions can kick in so seamlessly during load shedding that you don't even notice the power going out.

From small-scale single work station battery solutions to much larger scale applications, battery-related backup power solutions can be an incredibly effective stop-gap solution at blunting the effects of load shedding. Positioned between the municipal grid and the electrical device, the solution’s batteries charge while the power is on and power the connected devices during load shedding. With sufficient battery capacity, this can create a system where all the connected devices are powered seamlessly during load shedding. This approach can be scaled to the point where the battery solution is between the municipal grid and an entire property, powering lights, appliances and everything else plugged into the building’s grid, often causing people to completely forget that load shedding is even a thing.

If you would like to explore this modern solution to load shedding, the experts are RCB Solutions are always ready and able to help with pricing and suggestions on how best to guard against the impact of black outs.

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