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Are you ready to utilize the power of Edge Computing? Contact RCB Solutions today and get started on deploying your own Edge Data Center in-office!

Is your computing utilizing the power of Edge Computing? If not, then it may be time to start. With a localized Edge Data Center in your office, you can bring the power of cloud computing to your door. No more data delays and poor pings from across the world – Edge Computing is the next evolution in speeding up business operations and increasing the efficiency of any activity reliant on cloud-based computing. 

RCB Solutions will take care of the full design and installation process of the Edge Data Center, ensuring your facility runs efficiently while complying with all the necessary standards. With years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of Data Centers, and as an accredited Huawei and BBBEE partner, RCB Solutions will provide you with one of the best solutions available on the South African market.

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