Diesel Delivery Solutions | Keeping Your Generators Topped Up

Ensure your standby generators are always topped up and ready to go when load shedding kicks in or any power grid issues arise with RCB's fast and reliable Diesel Delivery Solutions. Just one call, email or Whatsapp is all you need and RCB Solutions will make sure your generators get topped up.

Load Shedding stages can escalate at a moment’s notice, and problems can occur within the national power grid at the drop of a hat, which leaves businesses in the precarious position of always having to be ready for the worst. To keep up with South Africa’s fluid electrical supply situation, you need a reliable partner you can trust to supply diesel as and when necessary to keep your standby generators ready to go at a moment’s notice, and RCB Solutions has built its reputation on doing exactly that.

We supply diesel daily to a wealth of businesses in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. So much so, in fact, that we constantly need to expand our fleet to keep up with demand, and we’d be more than happy to supply your business as well. We have multiple teams around the country, and we offer diesel delivery agreements for businesses who need are in constant need of a resupply.

Make refilling your generators a headache of the past with RCB Solutions – Your Turnkey Solutions Provider.

RCB's Diesel Delivery Solutions Include:
RCB's Diesel Delivery Solutions Are Available To:

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