Generator Solutions | 3-Phase Diesel Generators

Not every business can afford to stop mid-process when it's time for load shedding to kick in. Protect your production line and business productivity with industrial 3-phase diesel generators.

Large, industrial generators provides a powerful backup power solution that can be scaled up to meet any business’ need. While it is certainly an economic reality that running on generators increase the cost of doing business, it is still preferable to the alternative of having your business grind to a halt or losing a entire batch of products as the production pipeline comes to a standstill, especially in the case of those businesses who can just stop and start at the press of a button.

There is no guarantee that load shedding will stop (permanently) in the foreseeable future, which is why RCB Solutions recommend that you protect your business and your income as soon as possible. With the talk of so called ‘fuel shedding’ gaining momentum, it would be safest to get your backup generators set up and filled up now while diesel is still readily available.

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