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Data Center

Dedicating a single room for server organization gives you a safe and secure environment for your critical information systems. In addition, centralizing your equipment to one location allows you to efficiently monitor operations and troubleshoot problems. RCB Solutions offers design and data center installation solutions for any size of Data Center, ranging from small Server Rooms to full Data Centers (level 1 to 4).


RCB Solutions have fully qualified technical teams to stand as a one-stop solution provider for all corporate and industrial electrical service needs, including wiring, fault finding, installations, joints, inspections, industrial electrical maintenance, infrastructure development, street lights (all aspects), surge protection and much more...


No data center is complete without a multitude of contingency power supplies. As a veteran in the industry RCB Solutions offers numerous battery, backup and renewable energy solutions to ensure your data center remains fully operational through irrespective of climate or infrastructure complications.

Data Cabling

Installations done right – on time, on budget, and on your terms. For more than 29 years, RCB Solutions has been linking customers to new revenue streams, plugging you in to valuable marketing opportunities and wiring you for a more streamlined business with a bigger bottom line. Without the right partner, your network installation can cause a big disconnect. Problems like ballooning budgets, shoddy schedules, and poor planning raise your total cost of ownership and damage your business.

Building Automation

As an intergral part of our data centre-centered solutions RCB Solutions offers powerful BMS (Building Management Solutions) to ensure all aspects of your builing functions and operates as expected. Including off-site monitoring, BMS solutions play a key role in any dependable and robust data center that cannot afford any downtime.

Container Solutions

RCB Solutions has come with an ingenious product where we build powerful IT solutions into shipping containers for easy of transport and tamper-proof sturdiness that can expand the infrastructure of your facility effortlessly. Just plug it in and reap the rewards.

Fuel Solutions

Our commitment to our customers is an on-time delivery, every time. You can be assured that we will not take on any work that cannot be accomplished in a safe and timely fashion.

Generator Solutions

RCB Solutions provides a complete line of generators for commercial and consumer applications. We build and design diesel generators with customer specifications in mind and with the highest quality standards. We specialize in providing a wide range of well known and trusted brands of diesel generators, supplying generators from 11 kVa to 2mVa at competitive prices.

Project Management

RCB Solutions is a professional Electrical, Electronic, Data Environments and Project Management Company which provides stand-alone project and development management services across many industry sectors. Focusing on customer service and value creation, our key objective in all sectors is to provide our customers with value-added outcomes and optimum return on their investment. It is our aim to ensure innovative and flexible solutions in order to exceed all stakeholders’ expectations...


RCB Solutions offers temperature control and temperature monitoring for rackmount cabinets. Environmental cooling and temperature control is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a server room or data center. RCB Solutions’ thermostats and temperature displays offer solutions for environmental control and monitoring for data centers. Rackmount cabinet thermostats can be mounted inside any enclosure with fans. They are then wired into the fan circuit with a power switch for temperature control.

Fibre Solutions

RCB Solutions connects you to maximum return on your network systems investment. As your partner, we'll deliver speed, value, and quality from start to finish - using expert project managers to keep everything running smoothly. We'll work with you every step of the way, from consulting to design, project management, and ongoing support. We even back it all up with a 20-year warranty. It's not every day you come across that kind of guarantee, and a structured cabling services partner like RCB Solutions. We look forward to connecting you with all your business goals.

Data Centre Cleaning Solutions

It is critically important to clean and maintain your data center properly. Don’t wait for disaster to strike, call a professional Data Center cleaning company to assist you in making sure your Data Center is a clean and safe environment.

Heavy-Duty Shelving Solutions

RCB Solutions supplies and installs heavy duty shelving for a wide variety of applications, ranging from stores to warehouses, and any other application.

Dry Walling Solutions

RCB Solutions has a professional approach when it comes to our customer’s drywalling, flooring, ceilings and kitchen requirements. We are a proudly South Africa company committed to providing high quality installations and repair solutions in all our product ranges.
Backed by over 22 years of experience.

Fire Safety Solutions​

RCB Fire Safety Solutions has proven to be a specialist in Fire and Security installations and repairs. It has continued to provide services to many of South Africa’s leading Listed and non-listed companies.

Bird Mesh Solutions

If you are looking for a different spin on partitioning and security barriers, bird mesh might be the solution for you. Robust and reliable, these wire mesh partitions can effectively secure indoor and outdoor spaces while maintaining full visibility of the surrounding area. It is cost-effective, durable, highly resistant to the elements and adds a neat industrial aesthetic to any space.

Power Purchase Agreements

Get a solar power system installed on your roof at no cost, and only pay for the electricity you use! With an RCB Power Purchase Agreement, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bill, which leads to reduced overheads and increased profits.