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Building Automation

RCB Solutions provides a complete Building Automation System, from sensing and control devices, to an intelligent building management system platform. Together with RCB Solutions energy-saving HVAC, lighting, elevator control and ventilation systems, better building performance and operation efficiency can be effectively achieved. The enterprise-grade energy management system RCB Solutions Energy Online makes smart control of energy use a reality.

Featuring intelligent video surveillance solutions such as video streaming, dynamic facial/license plate recognition, intrusion detection and an auto tracking system, the RCB Solutions Surveillance Automation System’s total offering includes IP cameras, central monitoring system, network video recorder, storage, and a cloud-based backup system.

Integration with Smart Control Fulfills Dynamic Demands for Savings and Comfort

RCB Solutions Energy Online offers a flexible platform, compatible with 3rd party devices and systems. It integrates environmental sensing and smart control to enhance the operation efficiency of major energy-use equipment without sacrificing comfort. With the separable system architecture of the Delta Centre data collection service, web server, and database, RCB Solutions Energy Online can flexibly fit a user’s dynamic field requirements and provide a web-based energy management protocol to enable global users to gather energy data information from scattered sites and use centralized energy management. Users can benefit from more savings with the advanced features of Expert System such as automated operating set point adjustment, fuzzy inference control for variable frequency drives, and demand control.
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