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Container Solutions

Powerful on-site IT Solutions pre-packed and fully assembled in the safety and convenience of a container.

Solar Powered Containers

Because shipping containers are made to travel in extreme conditions, they are robustly built and are ideal for affordable structures that require mobility, security, and reliability. By combining the container strength with engineered green building components, this system can withstand hurricane force winds, travel securely with panels attached and wired, and be operational within an hour of deployment.


Fully integrated, RCB Solutions units are capable of accommodating job site activities, special events, and emergency response operations. With its portability and small footprint, RCB Solutions is suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Disaster relief centre
  • Triage/medical office
  • Educational centre
  • Parks and Rec. space
  • Security kiosk
  • Sales/marketing centre
  • Construction field office
  • Off-Grid restrooms


Employing patent-pending design and material innovation, RCB Solar-Powered Containers are a sustainable workspace and mobile solar generator made up of four major components:

  • Up-cycled shipping container housing a climate controlled work/ storage space
  • Proprietary solar rack capable of producing up to 5 kW of solar power
  • Self contained battery end cap with 5 days of battery backup
  • Advanced renewable energy power management system.

Main Reasons for the Container Solutions

  • Pre-cabled, Pre- assembled – ready to operate
  • Easy connection of PV, Wind, diesel Generator ect.
  • Remote control and data logging
  • Function and performance test before delivery
  • Active air condition – always optimal temperature range
  • Fast installation with mobile mounting system
  • Easy transport due to standard containers
  • Secure transport of all components
  • Vandalism-safe installation of electronics
  • Power range 25 – 300 kW AC output
  • Reduced costs for planning, installation and maintenance
  • Battery management system

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