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Data Center Solutions

As the core speciality that started it all, RCB Solutions offers an all-encompassing set of solutions to assist with, or completely do, any and every aspect of modern-day data centres.

Solution Overview

Here all our Data Centre Solutions are set out for easy navigation. Please click on a topic on the left-hand side of the column for more information.

Safe and Secure Server Room Specialists

Dedicating a single room for server organization gives you a safe and secure environment for your critical information systems. In addition, centralizing your equipment to one location allows you to efficiently monitor operations and troubleshoot problems. RCB Solutions offers design and data center installation solutions for any size of Data Center, ranging from small Server Rooms to full Data Centers (level 1 to 4).

We are Professional Certified data center installers who will ensure crucial electrical installations are done to local and international requirements within single line or parallel redundant electrical design.

The installation of server rooms and computer equipment can be highly technical. When computer equipment is installed in a server room, the server racks must be properly grounded to ensure the equipment is not damaged in the event of a power surge or other electrical interference. Professional room installers should be experienced and certified to install electrical outlets, electrical wiring, and computer equipment.

When a Data Center is designed, the air conditioning is crucial to keep the hot and cold air separate, this is done using the internationally recognised Hot isle Cold isle System for efficiency and redundancy.  Temperature and humidity levels must be kept constant to avoid reducing the life expectancy of the computer equipment.

Server Room Solutions:

  • Environment controlled
  • Raised access flooring or Static Dissipative flooring
  • Air conditioning – Free cooling and Hot isle Cold isle
  • Fire detection and automatic gas suppression systems
  • Water leak detection
  • Racks & enclosures – Environmental controlled
  • Security & access control
  • Construction & Drywall (fire rated 2 to 4 hours)
  • Electrical & lighting
  • Parallel UPS and Synchronised generator systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring systems and remote emergency control
  • Construction – Dry or wet, rated – 2 to 4 Hours
  • We also offer maintenance contracts on specific Data Center facilities

Maintaining your Server Room

Protecting your server room is extremely important. In order for this protection to work as it should and when needed, all server room equipment should be serviced at least twice per annum, preferably every quarter. We offer maintenance contracts for small and medium server rooms. We also offer numerous maintenance contracts that you can read more about below.

RCB Solutions offers various services and maintenance options:

  • Johannesburg-Durban-East London-Port Elizabeth-Cape Town
  • Full Maintenance
  • Service only maintenance
  • Once off service: Time and material

Our set response times for full maintenance are based on the site being in a major center:
We service clients in all major cities in South Africa, incl. Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Maintenance is offered on all of the above mentioned equipment.

We are able to tailor make your maintenance contract to suit your specific requirements. Requirements and advice on solutions to maximise your Data Center uptime.

Keeping Your Server Room Healthy

Server rooms are the heart of every company. RCB Solutions offers the optimal solution for Data Centre Monitoring. Keeping your servers in an optimal environment is essential. Having been in the computer facilities industry since 1985, we have developed the Axil Server Room Environment Monitoring and Control Facility that will monitor your server room 24/7.

Your IT department is able to receive notifications should the environmental conditions in your server room change. The notification will be received immediately by the 4 priority cell phone numbers loaded directly onto the Axil unit or via email. A further 200 numbers can be sub-loaded onto our base station to receive these notifications.

Our Base Station will log all alerts and control events for auditing purposes.

Environmental condition changes include:

Room Temperature

  • Humidity
  • Flood / Water Leak
  • Exhaust Vents
  • Air-conditioner rotation & remote back up
  • Server and UPS Facilities Rooms


  • Fire/Smoke Detection
  • System Fault
  • Gas Released
  • Low Gas

Water Detection

  • Up to 15 Sensors per input port.

 Access & Security

  • After hours access
  • Motion
  • Vibration
  • Biometrics


  •  Mains
  •  UPS – Fault, Bypass, Low Battery, Output Failed
  •  Generator- Fault, Running/Stop, Low Fuel, Fail to Start Fault
  •  Selected Feeds – Aircon, Back up

The Control aspect of the Axil monitoring unit includes the remote cell phone activation and/or timed control of devices such as:

  • Air-conditioner Rotation and Remote Backup Control
  • Door Locks
  • Start/Shutdown Generators
  • Switching Lighting on/off
  • Many other options

Other Facilities for monitoring and remote cell phone control

  • Buildings, Offices, Stores, Cash Offices
  • Water tank levels and pump activation (Automatic or manual remote control)
  • Generator functions wired or wireless links



  • Digital inputs each with 2 messages, one for alert and one for alert restored.
  • Adjustable delays on each port, 10 mille-seconds to 166 minutes
  • 7 Day timer to control individual ports, enable or disable selected ports depending on the time and day of the week.
  • Internal battery low alert
  • Port statistics
  • All alerts are logged, stored, and forwarded by email at the customer’s request.
  • Individual message can be sent to specifically selected numbers.
  • SMS or GPRS communications or GPRS with SMS backup
  • Over the air programming
  • 5 Day battery back-up
  • Listen in microphone
  • Alert available via email
  • Drop call function allows up to 200 approved users to operate an output at no extra cost
  • Unit reports in daily with temperature and humidity levels
  • Internal System Battery Monitoring


  • Output ports with high amperage rated relay contacts to control a variety of equipment and products either latched or pulsed
  • Output ports can be controlled by the user (SMS) or programmable timer (two per day, on and off)
  • Confirmation messages sent when outputs are switched on or off by the timer or SMS

Call Centre Automation:

  • Specific alerts are sent to call centre for processing
  • Scheduling of call out technicians


  • Over the air programming, changes to the configuration and recipient numbers are changed with seconds
  • Send alarm conditions anywhere on the planet
  • Control your facilities from anywhere on the planet (Aircon, door, lights, generator, etc.)
  • A variety of statistics available from the Axil unit
  • Password controlled
  • Listen in caller restriction to certain numbers, this feature is used when the customer is not sure of the alert. A simple call to the room will pass programmed numbers to the microphone.
  • Dual monitoring, our base station records all events, the recipient does not need to record events, statistics or alerts, these are obtainable from the base station.

Fire Detection and Protection for Data Centres

Server rooms represent the data hub of any business and therefore fire detection and suppression systems, in this space, should be a top priority. Server rooms are under enormous pressure to maintain operations without interruption. In the event of a catastrophic server room fire, a company may lose equipment, valuable company data, and possibly even human life.

Fires in server rooms are typically caused by faulty electrical circuits. Arson, corporate sabotage, and forces beyond our control such as lightning and power surges also increase the risk of fire. However, fire detection and suppression systems dramatically reduce these risks.

In the event of a fire, the most crucial step is early detection. Several advanced detectors are able to sense fire in its early stages and respond by sounding an alarm to warn people and by activating the fire suppression system. In your server room, the fire detection system’s main function is to warn you of a potential fire before it poses a real hazard and disrupts the normal flow of business.
The main server room fire suppression system of choice is a gas suppression system that: doesn’t leave behind water or corrosive materials; is safe to use in occupied spaces; has minimal impact on the environment; and reaches extinguishing levels in the required time.

Benefits of fitting fire detection and suppression

  • Peace of mind knowing that the company’s employees and valuables are safe i.e. computer equipment and costly server room hardware.
  • Protection of company data which represents the hub of all business communication.
  • Minimise the loss of productivity and efficiency through down time.
  • Company is covered for its Insurance requirements.
  • GSM alerting when used with the Axil server room monitoring system.

Raised Access Flooring

RCB Solutions is one of the leading suppliers of high quality Raised Access Flooring in South Africa. Our cumulative installation experience, project management expertise, infrastructure with sufficient resources, and 24 hour backup service has ensured that new and existing customers continually turn to us for installations of any size and complexity of access flooring needs.

SABS approved range from Extra Heavy Duty to Light Duty flooring.

Static Dissipative Flooring

Static Dissipative Mats are designed to protect sensitive equipment, such as computers and explosive chemicals, by quickly drawing the static electricity off workers before they touch such items. Humans quickly generate static electricity by walking, shifting their position or even rolling on a chair. Even the slightest touch can pass electricity onto sensitive equipment, which can destroy processors or cause flammable chemicals to ignite. In order to prevent such problems, we provide Static Dissipative Flooring solutions.

What to Consider When Installing Access Floors

RCB Solutions is the home of reliable, high quality and cost effective access floors perfect for any server room flooring in South Africa. Today, we want to provide you with information relating to

what one should keep in mind when one is installing access floors. So, here are our top tips:

  • Access floors tend to accumulate dust and contaminants, which is a source of difficulty for many data centers. It is because of this, that you need to make sure that it is possible to clean your access floors efficiently.
  • A raised flooring system needs to be supported with numerous pedestals, and it is essential that you make sure that the pedestals are properly installed so that they are able to properly support the access floors. How can you do this? By hiring RCB Solutions to install your access raised flooring for you!
  • If your access floors are carrying a heavy load, make sure that no floor panels are compromised, and if it is necessary to cut holes in the floor for cables, be sure that the cut tile is properly supported with       extra pedestals.
  • Especially when using access floors to conceal large amounts of data cable, there are several things to look out for. The first is that it is highly advised to use a non-conductive material for the access flooring.  In the case of an electrical short or other problem, this will prevent the floor from damaging people or other equipment. In addition, the access floors should be fire resistant for the same reason. It is also recommended that the metal framework of the floor be grounded.

If you are looking for more advice regarding access floors for your computer room flooring, please do no hesitate to browse our website further. Alternatively, you can also give us a call anytime

Server Room Air Conditioning

Down Blow – Hot isle/Cold isle

RCB Solutions Server Room Installations Specialists offer great solutions to Server Room Air Conditioning. Our Axil high quality and efficient system can handle any conditions, longevity and hot/cold isle design is key to our installations and long term maintenance strategy.

Free Cooling

Using state of the art and environment friendly systems for efficient systems that won’t let your customer down. Reliable automatic re-start is a must for any server system using the free cooling design. All Air Conditioningsystems have remote GSM control option.


Remote GSM control option to control redundant units and start them up in case of emergency at anytime from anywhere.

Backup Power Supply

UPS’s supply back up battery power to PC’s, servers, network equipment, tills, scales and any other equipment that requires a stable electrical current. A UPS can supply power in the event of a complete power failure or supply protection in the event of a power surge or dip. When there is a power failure in the UPS will automatically take over and keep the equipment functioning thus preventing hardware damage, software corruption and down time.

Small UPS’s provide power for a few minutes to allow the equipment to be shut down correctly. Larger UPS’s have battery power for a few hours. Where it is essential for equipment to be operating constantly, a generator will be needed to supply power to the UPS to extend the Data Centre backup time indefinitely.

UPS Categories

On-line UPS (Parallel)
This is the highest level of battery backup protection available. Power is reconstructed by the inverter which is online 100% of the time, there is no transfer switching time and all variations in voltage are eliminated.

Line interactive UPS
Interacts with the AC power line to smooth out the waveforms and correct the rise and fall of voltage. When there is a power failure an inverter switches on and converts battery power into a simulated sine wave output. When power returns the inverter switches off and the battery is recharged.

Off-Line UPS
Draws current from an AC outlet and switches to battery instantly on detecting a power failure. When power returns the UPS switches back to AC power and the battery is recharged.

Generators guarantee that when the main power supply is interrupted, power is still available to run your business. They can be used independently, or combined with a UPS to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. This means financial loss can be kept to a minimum.

We supply a range of top quality makes at reasonable prices including: Volvo, Perkins, Cummins and others, depending on your requirements.

We also do all sizes from 5kva to over 700kva, whether they are for residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural use etc.

We can provide a full service and maintenance plan for the generator, to ensure maximum performance and longevity of the unit.

Our, in house developed, Axil monitoring unit can be installed to detect problems such as low fuel, faulty panels and many others, it can also be used to remotely start or stop the generator via sms. The notification sms’s can be sent to multiple personnel, however our company also receives all messages which allows us to monitor any problems and act accordingly.

Axil PDU (Power Distribution Unit)

  • Cable locking system
  • Vertical and 19″ rack mount
  • Mounting tags c
  • 9 Way C13 outlets
  • an be inverted
  • Solid core bus

Power Monitoring Software

Connect up to 64 PMP devices to see real time load voltage and power consumption

  • Load: Amps
  • Voltage: VAC
  • Consumption: Kwh

E-mail alert when above or below set parameters, PDU or PMP tripped or Overload