Fire Safety Solutions


RCB Fire Safety Solutions has proven to be a specialist in Fire and Security installations and repairs.


RCB Fire Safety Solutions has proven to be a specialist in Fire and Security installations and repairs.


RCB Fire Safety Solutions has proven to be a specialist in Fire and Security installations and repairs.

  • Founded in 2005 we have continued to provide services to many of South Africa’s leading Listed and non-listed companies.
  • Our service and work ethic has awarded us the trust of many clients. The services we offer allow our clients the option for innovative Fire Solutions as well as Training and Risk assessments.
  • Specialising in Fire Protection services such as Fire Detection and Fire Suppression systems, conducting both Maintenance and Installations of these systems.
  • RCB Fire Safety Solutions has national coverage on services offered and strives to provide the best quality in all spheres.
  • Our 24 HOUR Telephonic Technical support will ensure that your emergency is assisted immediately ensuring your piece of mind when it comes to your Fire requirements.

Fire Detection:
Installations & Maintenance

RCB Fire Safety Solutions provides Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs on all Fire Detection systems. Our expertise allows us to operate on all types of systems ranging from Ziton, Technoswitch, Aritech, Zeta etc.

Installations all conform to SANS 10139 Regulations and will be issued with a compliance certificate and Maintenance Logbook. Basic Training to responsible persons is also conducted during our in depth system acceptance meetings.

The Service and Maintenance of these systems are all conducted as per SAQCC Recommendations and are accompanied by a detailed site report.

Fire Suppression

In South Africa, the need for Fire Suppression systems increased dramatically and Corporates are utilizing these systems more often. This form of Fire prevention is generally used in High Risk areas such as Computer server rooms and has proved to have saved valuable information for many of our clients.

RCB Fire Safety Solutions has extensive experience in installing these systems and has utilized many agents such as FM200, Inergen, Argonite, Pyroshield and many more.

Firefighting Equipment

Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels, Fire Hydrants and Fire Signage are all the mediums of Fire Protection equipment offered by RCB Fire Safety Solutions. We Maintain, Repair and install all fire equipment.

All services, Repairs and installations are overseen by a Qualified SAQCC Technician. Each client is issued with a Fire Register and Site report as required by the SABS 1475 Regulations.

Sprinkler Systems

RCB Fire Safety Solutions design, install and maintain a range of sprinkler systems to suit the requirements of our clients’ facilities.

We work closely with our clients to assess their needs and their facility layout and usage. We offer a range of different sprinkler systems to suit a variety of environments.

In warehousing and factory environments where there are large areas of racking, Facility Fire also offer in-rack sprinkler systems that are designed specifically for use in these situations.

Risk Assessments

Every company needs to evaluate and assess all risks that they or their employees are possibly exposed to. Risk assessments are there to establish and eliminate these risk and hazards.

Our assessments will determine all processes, evaluate, prioritize and eliminate relevant risks involved. Each assessment will provide an action plan to which the relevant company involved can adhere to.

Fire Training

This training will allow a learner to identify a fire hazard, their probable causes and how to eliminate them in the workplace. Each course will outline the method of protection, the types of fires and their elimination.

Training offered:
Basic Fire Fighting
Advanced Fire Fighting