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Wire Craft Vault Solutions

Create a robust and secure storage space with an RCB Solutions Wire Craft Vault. Complying with Controlled Substance Storage Requirements, this affordable security vault solution can provide the peace of mind you need to focus on running a profitable business with the certainty that your goods are safely out of reach.

What Is A Wire Craft Vault?

Simply put, a Wire Craft Vault is a secure barrier that enforces access control to a storage space that often contains sensitive, fragile or expensive items. It can range from something as simple as keeping on-site equipment away from sticky fingers, to secure storage of firearms and ammunition. If you need to keep it safe, the RCB Wire Craft Vault is a quick and affordable solution.


RCB Wire Craft Vaults comply with the specifications set out in the Controlled Substance Storage Requirements regulations.

This mandates the following requirements:

With these requirements met you can rest assured that the contents of your vault is stored safely.

Wire Craft Vault Solution Enquiries

For advice, information or sales assistance about RCB Wire Craft Vault Solutions, contact us through any of the following methods to speak to a friendly and helpful member of the RCB team:

RCB Call Centre : 0800 RCB RCB (722 722)

Landline : 010 595 4518