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Make your industrial facility fully energy independent with RCB Solutions' turnkey Solar Solutions. Stop your reliance on South Africa's unpredictable power grid and maintain your full scheduled productivity with renewable, green energy.

At RCB Solutions, we understand that an industrial facilities are massive operations that cannot just stop and start at the press of a button, and that processes need to run their course to completion before one can hit the brakes. Unfortunately, with the instability and unpredictability of the South Africa power grid, load shedding and blackouts can hit at any moment without any warning. But you can protect your business from untimely interruptions, loss of profits and potential machinery damage with your own independent source of electricity. In other words, transition to Solar Power.

The scalability of solar power gives it the ability to supply a sufficient amount of electricity to power nearly any scale operation or facility. RCB’s sophisticated software allows it to plan the optimal placement of the necessary amount of panels to provide a reliable flow of electricity year-round. Its advanced reporting capabilities also make it easy to perform Return-on-Investment (ROI) projections and view reliable data about a given project.

To ensure you get the best service at the best prices, choose RCB Solutions. With its wealth of industry experience, and its multiple teams of highly competent technicians and artisans operating around the country, RCB Solutions will ensure that your partial, or full, transition to solar will go as smoothly as possible.

RCB's Solar Solutions Include:
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