Solar Solutions | Overcome Blackouts Through Solar Power

With the sunny seasons in full swing, and load shedding expected into 2023, now is the perfect time to go solar!

The situation with Eskom remains unpredictable as they battle to meet the needs of a growing population and the ever-expanding needs of the commercial and industrial sectors. To protect your business and lifestyle, you can always look to the bottomless well of energy that is the sun. South Africa is wonderfully positioned well positioned to capitalize on Solar technology, and with its scalable nature, one can go anywhere from a few panels to get your home through a few hours of load shedding, to hundreds power an entire industrial facility.

RCB Solutions uses advanced system to provide detailed reports and forecasting, offering you excellent insight into and assisting with making informed decisions on how best to deploy this renewable, green-energy solution to keep the lights on during blackouts.

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