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Improve your carbon footprint and reduce the reliability on the Eskom grid with RCB's Solar Solutions!

RCB Solutions is an expert Solar Installer and turnkey Solar Solution provider. With many successful residential and commercial Solar projects on its portfolio, RCB Solutions has built a reputation as a highly reliable Solar Installer in the local market.

From home rooftops to large-scale industrial facilities, RCB Solutions have provided exceptional turnkey Solar Solutions to individuals and businesses across South Africa. With over a decade of experience, RCB Solutions not only provides Solar Power planning and Solar Panel Installation services, but also offers advanced reporting and forecasting capabilities that enable property owners to project by when a solar power venture will become profitable, and much more.

RCB Solutions only deals in high quality solar panels, inverters and batteries to ensure that clients’ invest in reliable solutions that will carry them through load shedding and blackouts alike, all the way to complete power independence if they so wish. Whatever someone’s Solar Power goals are, RCB Solutions stand ready to deal with it quickly and professionally.

If you’re looking for a reliable Solar Power installer or contractor that you can build a long-term relationship, then look no further. RCB Solutions will take care of all your solar at a competitive price while providing excellent, client-centric service.

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