Turnkey Diesel Delivery Solutions | July 2023

Keep your company's generators fed with RCB's Turnkey Diesel Delivery Solutions, available in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal.

RCB Solution’s growing fleet of fuel delivery bowsers offer agile and professional diesel delivery services to a growing number of businesses across South Africa.

Diesel generators are a priceless asset for many businesses across South Africa to combat the impact of an unpredictable power grid and sporadic infrastructure damage. Even in the face of a complete grid collapse, diesel generators stand tall as a robust source of electricity. 

But diesel generators require diesel to function, and in periods of extended load shedding, they can rapidly burn through their fuel reserves. As a supporting service to its Standby Power Solutions, where RCB supply and installs industrial scale diesel generators and UPS systems, the company has expanded its service offering to also include a highly reliable diesel delivery service. With the agility of diesel bowsers, RCB Solutions offers rapid refuelling capabilities from the company’s head office in Gauteng, and its Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal branches. The bowsers also offer greater manoeuvrability and reduced risks compared to conventional tankers, offering it strategic advantages across business and property types. 

The service is calibrated for speed, efficiency and reliability, and is such a success the RCB Solutions needs to continuously expand its fleet to keep up with demand. 

Allow yourself the freedom to fully devote your attention to making money while RCB focusses on taking care of your generators. Contact us today to arrange for your next refill.

If you would like to join RCB’s growing list of clients, simple call, email or send a WhatsApp and you can ensure that you have a reliable supply of diesel now, and through the Winter to come.

RCB's Fuel Delivery Solutions:

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