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One call, Whatsapp or email is all you need to arrange a fuel delivery from RCB Solutions.

If you are running your diesel generators frequently, as is often required by load shedding in South Africa, one should always be conscious of their diesel levels to ensure one is prepared for the next time the lights go off. This can sometimes be a chore that’s easy to lose sight off when juggling a wealth of responsibilities personally and professionally, which is why it is quite important to have a reliable service provider that can bring you all the diesel you need at a moment’s notice. That is where RCB Solutions come in. With multiple vehicles ready to handle any diesel delivery request in Gauteng, Cape Town and in KZN to ensure all clients are ready to get their generators roaring the next time the lights go out. Keeping your generators filled to the brim is as easy as contacting RCB Solutions with one call, Whatsapp or email.

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