Generator Solutions | Install, Maintain, Repair, Refuel

RCB offers a complete one-stop solution for all your generator needs.

Ensure your business is protected from load shedding through RCB’s turnkey industrial generator solutions. Avoid the loss of income and reputation damage born from disrupted production schedules and missed deadlines. Investing in the right generator solution can save businesses much in the long run and set them apart from any competition that grinds to a halt when the lights go off.

Experience the excellent client service and solution-centric approach that forms the bedrock of RCB’s reputation as a leading solution provider in the field of industrial diesel generators. With the combined product offering of diesel generators and industrial scale UPS batteries, businesses can transition to full backup power without even realizing the power went off. 

To make life even simpler, RCB Solutions also offer diesel delivery services to businesses in Gauteng, Cape Town and KZN. Keeping generator(s) fueled up has never been this simple.

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