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Can Your Business Afford Power Cuts?

RCB Solutions provides backup power to commercial, industrial and residential properties.

With the weekend’s storms, South Africans were quickly reminded of the tenuous reliability of Eskom’s power supply. Winter is just around the corner and the strain on the national power grid is only going to get worse…

That’s why you need to act now to ensure that your business and your home are equipped with a sufficient backup power supply that can keep you going when the lights inevitably go out. At RCB Solutions, we understand that very few businesses can afford to grind to a halt when the national power grid needs a break, which is why we supply only the most robust systems that can keep the lights on during even the most strenuous tasks.

No project is too big or too small. A two bedroom house? A commercial facility with over a hundred stores and thousands of visitors? An industrial manufacturing plant? No problem – RCB can take care of them all.

Make sure you aren’t caught with your lights off when the next round of load shedding hits. If your business doesn’t stay open when the lights go off, your clients just might end up going to the businesses that do.

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