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Future-proof your property against any electrical situation or development in South Africa with a combination of Solar Power and Standby Generators from industry veteran, RCB Solutions. We're actively supporting a multitude of businesses, both big and small, across the country, and we're ready and able to assist you as well.

If you want to make sure your facility can run through any electrical blackouts, from load shedding and copper theft to a full grid collapse, a multi-layered power generation solution provides the most robust backup power generation in any given situation. Utilize South Africa’s wonderfully sunny climate with a Rooftop Solar Solution, ready to be scaled to meet any business’ needs within the available space, and combine it with industrial-scale generators and UPS systems to keep the lights on while the generators start up. The combination of these two power generation systems will provide you with the greatest peace of mind and protect your businesses as far as possible from related productivity issues.

The RCB Solutions team has been working with these technologies for over twenty years and are responsible for a wealth of Solar Power and Standby Power installations in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal. We provide a comprehensive, turnkey-solution where we handle the entire project, from start to finish, and provide you with continuous feedback and updates on the progress of the project, from inception to completion.

If you are ready to invest in any of these solutions, contact our offices today and a member of our friendly and professional staff will help get the ball rolling to ensure your standby power infrastructure is ready to deal with whatever South Africa has to throw at it.

RCB's Solar Solutions Include:
RCB's Standby Power Solutions Include:

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