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Secure continuous productivity through robust Industrial Diesel Generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from RCB Solutions.

Immunize your business from Load Shedding with RCB Solutions’ robust Standby Power Solutions, including industrial diesel generators and UPS products for corporate, commercial and industrial businesses.

Protect your productivity and profitability from the uncertainty of the South African power grid with RCB’s Standby Power Solutions. Our expert electricians and industry veterans will ensure that your business is equipped with a highly reliable backup power solution to protect your business from load shedding and power outages.

RCB recommends the combined deployment of an industrial scale UPS to keep systems up and running during the generator start up procedure, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted productivity.

Along with extensive technical support, RCB also offers diesel delivery solutions for a truly comprehensive solution to your all your Standby Power needs.

So don’t wait until the lights go out, or the generators run dry – contact RCB Solutions today to ensure that your company leverage top generator solutions to maintain productivity levels even during the worst stages that Load Shedding has to offer.

RCB Solutions Generator Services:

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