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Your One-Stop Data Centre Solutions Partner

Take the complexity out of data center construction and maintenance with RCB Solutions

Thanks to the continuous growth and dependence on Information Technology, Data Centers are becoming increasingly common. Where once these grand displays of technological architecture and infrastructure were limited to secured data center parks, the continuous innovation of smaller and more scalable solutions have made it possible for businesses to deploy their own in-house data center infrastructure, and even for some intuitive ‘portable’ data center solutions to find their way onto the market.

But no matter how the technology has developed as of late, data centers remain complex systems that require expert oversight, thorough planning and continuous maintenance to ensure and maintain their sustainability.

That’s why you need to talk to RCB Solutions. We started out in this field many years ago and have worked on multiple data center projects around the country, from major data center parks to smaller in-house data center solutions. RCB Solutions have worked long and hard to build a remarkable reputation in the industry, and to earn the trust of many major businesses in South Africa.

Most recently, we’ve been accredited by Huawei. This exciting development has allowed us to bring some of the most sophisticated and powerful data center technology in the world to the South African market.

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