RCB Toolbox Talk : Recognizing Unsafe Conditions


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Recognizing unsafe conditions, or hazards in the workplace, is not just a Safety Committee responsibility. It is everyone’s responsibility from the most junior employee to the company president to identify hazards and make suggestions on how to fix the problem.

  • Poor housekeeping.
  • Horseplay.
  • Confused material storage.
  • Careless handling of materials.
  • Improper or defective tools.
  • Lack of machine guarding; failure to install warning systems.
  • Lack of or failure to wear proper personal protection equipment.
  • Weather.
  • Worker not dressing for the job to be done.
  • Failure to follow instructions.

Steps to take once an unsafe condition is found:
If possible, correct the condition yourself immediately.
Report any major unsafe condition or action to the appropriate company authority. Follow-up – report the condition again if it is not corrected.
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