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Ensure that your facility is fortified against both internal and external threats, with a surveillance network that monitors everything in and around the property, by partnering with RCB Solutions. Our turnkey Security Solutions can offer you the peace of mind to focus on building your business without having to worry about safety and security.

When you are in business, you don’t want to spend time worrying about who’s loitering around your property, who’s entering the reception area, or about the safety of your staff, products or data. You especially don’t want to lose time redoing work you’ve already done, due to property damage or theft. RCB Solutions can help you to greatly mitigate the likelihood of such scenarios happening with its turnkey Security Solutions.

A multitude of corporate, commercial and industrial facilities around the country feature camera and access control systems installed and maintained by RCB Solutions. We can assist you with anything from supplying and installing CCTV cameras and many other types of security systems, to setting up a dedicated on-site control room from which your security personnel can keep a watchful eye over the daily proceedings that play out at your facilities.

With its over two decades of experience helping businesses secure their premises across South Africa, RCB Solutions has cultivated extensive product knowledge and developed a highly streamlined approach to building and property security. So contact us today and find out more about how RCB Solutions can help give you peace of mind. We have multiple teams in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal who are ready and able to help fortify your property.

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