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Become Eskom-independent and join the transition to clean energy with RCB's excellent service and great prices!

From homes to shopping centres, to industrial facilities and corporate offices, RCB Solutions can scale its Solar Solutions to meet any need. RCB supplies premium quality solar panels, inverters and batteries to ensure that every client is well equipped to stave of load shedding and reduce its reliance on the Eskom Grid.

If you are looking for a reliable, high-level contractor to assist in your transition to clean energy, or if you are looking for a skilled operator in the solar power sector to help reduce your reliance on the Eskom grid, then look no further!

RCB Solutions is a veteran with over 10 years of experience and with a wealth of projects under its belt, handling solar power projects both big and small. From a small home setup with a dozen plus panels, inverter and batteries, to an industrial scale project with hundreds of solar panels blanketing the rooftops of a vast industrial complex, RCB has done and seen it all.

Through competitive pricing, excellent client service and multiple highly professional installers teams and project managers, RCB Solutions will ensure your solar power needs are met easily and efficiently.

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