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If you think Solar Power technology is only strong enough to power residential property, then we are happy to tell you that Solar can do much more.

As Solar Power is still a relatively new energy solution in the South African market, many people may still have inaccurate or insufficient information about what its capabilities are. One of the misconceptions we often run into is the assumption that Solar Power is only sufficient for powering residential properties. But is that really true?

Industrial and Commercial facilities need a lot of electricity to function, which makes a stable and reliable source of electricity an absolute must for any such business. In the past we could safely rely on Eskom to provide that service, but with the passing of time it has become increasingly difficult to maintain one’s trust in the once internationally lauded energy giant. With the constant threat of load shedding, failing infrastructure and rising oil costs, it has become more and more important for businesses to take matters into their own hands.

And so we look up to the sky for help, and as always, the sun is always there to look back. One of Eskom’s substations might be blowing up at this very moment, but the Sun will always be there, shining its light on us all.

It turns out that with the flexible scalability offered by Solar Power  and Solar Energy Solutions, the only limit to how much electricity we can generate from the sun, is how much space a property has available for putting up solar panels. Combined with backup batteries and even the ability to support the Eskom grid with the excess solar-generated electricity, RCB Solutions has helped more than a few companies go solar.

Every business owner knows that protecting their production lines and sales ques are crucial in these electrically uncertain times, and RCB’s Solar Solutions can do exactly that.

If there is one universal truth everyone in business can agree on, it is that, regardless of the current state of affairs, the show must go on.

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