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No facility is too large to be powered by solar energy.
No project is too big for RCB Solutions.

Solar Power has many advantages as a source of electricity. It is often spoken about how nature friendly it is as a “green energy” solution, as well as its ability to become a long term investment that not only pays for itself, but that can also potentially generate an income for the property owner. But there’s another considerable benefit that might not be mentioned as often, and that is the fact that Solar Power Generation is almost infinitely scalable. As long as one’s property has sufficient space, one can put down thousands or tens of thousands of Solar PV Panels, and connect as many inverters and batteries as needed to carry nearly any facility, regardless of its power requirements, through an extended period of load shedding or any other form of power outages. 

It should be noted that the larger the scale of a Solar Power installation project, the more important it is to use a proven and respected installer to handle the job. RCB Solutions has the experience, the expertise and a respected reputation in the industry to deal efficiently with Solar Power projects of any scale. As a veteran Solar Power Installer and Contractor, RCB Solutions has many large-scale solar projects under its belt and is ready to guide any business through their transition to Solar Power in nearly any part of South Africa. With its strong emphasis on client service, efficient service delivery and competitive pricing, you’ll struggle to find another Solar Power Contractor who can provide a Solar Power Turnkey Solution on part with RCB Solutions.

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