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Expert Technicians, Excellent Service and Quality Panels - RCB Solutions offers all of this and more as part of its turnkey Solar Solutions. We assist local property and business owners with full or partial transitions to solar power, to help them realize their energy and sustainability goals.

Solar Power installations are a bit trickier than just connecting someone to the local municipal power grid. For example, a Solar Power contractor has to consider the number of panels their client will need, the positioning and orientation of those panels, how much space is available for the installation and future expansion, how seasonal changes will affect energy availability throughout the year, and how many batteries are needed, not to mention the quality grading of the actual hardware itself. Transitioning to solar isn’t the smallest undertaking, but by partnering with RCB Solutions, it can become a piece of cake.

RCB Solutions has a wealth of experience in the Solar Power industry, with a multitude of projects under its belt that range from residential properties and holiday homes, to industrial-scale facilities that consume extensive amounts of electricity on a daily basis. With our “client-first” turnkey solution approach, RCB Solutions have streamlined its approach to Solar Power Installations such that it can boast a highly efficient process from start to finish. RCB Solutions handles everything, from planning the layout, to supply and installing the necessary hardware, to providing post-completion maintenance and support.

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