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Contact RCB Solutions today for fast and efficient solar installations at highly competitive prices. Our technical teams specialize in large-scale solar installations on facilities such as corporate offices, industrial production facilities and commercial retail buildings. With RCB Solution's "turnkey" approach, clients can rest assured that we take care of everything.

With the skyrocketing price of electricity and the unpredictability of the local power grid, the value and importance of independent power generation cannot be overstated. Fortunately, South Africa’s natural climate is very well suited for Solar Power, and the technical experts at RCB Solutions are ready and able to help you make full use of this limitless natural energy source to power your facilities through load shedding and unplanned blackouts. 

Solar Power has the wonderful advantage of being scalable to meet nearly any demand. As long as you have access to enough surface space, RCB Solutions can deploy and integrate as many solar panels and supporting infrastructure as needed to convert your facility to a partially, or fully, independently-powered property. The sky is the limit, and with RCB’s excellent service quality and highly competitive pricing structure, your transition to solar energy will be as smooth as possible.

RCB’s turnkey approach leads the company to handle all aspects, through all stages of the process, offering clients the peace of mind to focus on what matters most to them while it takes care of everything. So contact RCB Solutions today to ensure that your transition to Solar is handled professionally and efficiently.

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