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A momentary loss of power can be catastrophic for offices, factories, educational and agricultural facilities, to name just a few, as their entire workflow is brought to an abrupt halt, causing the loss of unsaved work and batches of unfinished processed goods. But rest assured. RCB Solutions can provide your business complete immunity to any of these disasters with its Standby Power Solutions.

Equip your facility with RCB’s formidable standby Diesel Generators and industrial-scale Interruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to provide instant backup and standby power in the event of Load Shedding or any unscheduled blackouts.

South Africa’s power grid is still constrained, with no clear end in sight for Load Shedding. Eskom and municipalities also face the challenges of vandalism and illegal connections to the national grid, which all together lead to a fundamentally unpredictable situation. That unpredictability can be almost entirely cancelled out by equipping a facility with sufficient Standby Power capabilities from RCB Solutions. Our senior personnel will work with you to determine a sufficient solution, tailored to your unique and individual needs, that can carry your facilities through a power outage.

As per its slogan, “Your Turnkey Solutions Provider”, RCB Solutions offers a comprehensive service that takes care of everything. From planning to supplying and deploying, RCB Solutions handles the entirety of the project, and keeps clients up to date with continuous communication so that they always know where things stand during the course of a project.

Enjoy the peace of mind of working with established industry veterans who take care of everything while you focus on what is most important to you.

RCB's Standby Power Solutions Include:
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