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RCB Solutions offers a comprehensive and multidisciplinary range of technical contracting services, which empowers businesses to replace half a dozen different technical contractors, or more, with a single turnkey solution provider.

Do you have to hunt down multiple different contractors, each with a unique speciality, just to get one project completed? Are you tired of keeping track of which companies you hired to perform what task, and to keep track of how well, or poorly, they performed their duties? Do wish that you could just call one company and have them deal with everything so you can get on with the business of your own company? Then look no further than RCB Solutions.

RCB is a veteran of multiple technical industries with over two decades of experience, working on a wealth of projects both big and small, providing an ever-expanding suite of technical expertise in its pursuit of completing projects more efficiently, and providing a better service to its clients. We have multiple teams in Gauteng, Cape Town and KwaZulu-Natal, comprised of qualified and experienced artisan from many different and complimentary disciplines. This allows us to deal with a very extensive list of construction and maintenance projects that would normally require a multitude of different contractors.

Simplify your life and day to day operations by teaming up with one of South Africa’s fastest growing technical turnkey solution providers and enjoy the efficiency of working with a single contractor who handles projects from inception to completion while providing detailed communication and feedback every step of the way.

RCB's Solar Solutions Include:

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