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Experience the convenience, efficiency and expertise of a single service provider who can handle a myriad of your technical projects and provide comprehensive support and maintenance service.

Time is money, and having to divide your expansion, refurbishment and maintenance projects across multiple different contractors can lead to a multitude of issues as each contractor completes those projects independently in their own way. To reduce the likelihood of wasteful expenditure and increase the efficiency and synergy between multiple projects, you need a tried and tested multidisciplinary industry veteran who understands how interconnected different parts of your businesses are, and who can handle multiple different types of projects to ensure that everything is seamlessly integrated together.

With RCB Solutions’ vast industry experience and advanced technical knowledge, it can handle both solar power generation systems and diesel standby generators, as well as the hazardous material transportation of diesel to keep those generators up and running. That’s as many as three different contractors in one, and just one example of what RCB’s multiple teams n Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Cape Town can do for you.

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RCB's Solar Solutions Include:

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